Makoto Shinsengumi

Patience... right..............
last modified: Thursday, May 17, 2007 (2:26:41 AM)
Well boo. My site is done but I'm still waiting for three wishlist items to come. I know some of you already know one of them with that frenzied post I made on beta. LOL. I'm just so thankful to Nene for making it easy. Hopefully that cel comes in this week.

I also managed to snag a very important cel to me, like ummm VERY HIGH on my wishlist from one of the Japanese collectors. I deemed it even more higher than getting a gatotsu stance of Saitou (which I still need btw! so ummm anyone who has one contact me please!). Anyway, it ummm cost me more than a kidney I think but ah... It was so WORTH it. I really want to see it but since it's not yet here and I am itching to get it. I might as well talk about it to keep me sane in the meantime. Hahahaha... You know how a cel just has a huge sentimental value to you and that you'd trade some of your most cherished cels just to get -the- cel? Did anyone ever have that experience? Well I'm sure someone has... I'm still of course lamenting the cels I let go off but there are some things that just comes around once or rather you can just convince a person once, especially since my money won't talk. *sigh* Dumb money. LOL... But it's okay, the deal is done now, let's hope it doesn't fall into the Pacific or something. Or I might have to follow suit. LOL.

And finally the last cel I am waiting for is an uber sexy cel of you know who... Well probably not as sexy as it is "blasphemous". But it seems I'm running into a snag where my payment apparently has not reached it's destination yet. I'm not sure what's up with the tracking too as it still shows left San Francisco but is not showing it arrived in Japan and it's been over a week so now I'm REALLY WORRIED since a similar mail was sent out that day and the other party has already gotten it. :(

I've been running into a lot of snags lately cel-wise. I'm not really sure what's up with that. I mean three snags on three wishlists cels... I think I'm going to have a heart attack now with this 3rd one. The other two I think are resolved and just needs to get to Chicago.

Finally I'm a little bummed at missing a cel on animegame's latest RK update. Yep the Fuji cel was gorgeous! It was really a bummer especially since I checked keeptrack just before I left for work that morning. I was really bummed.... Ah well, win some and lose some as they say. Whoever got it, got themselves a great Juppongatana cel. Congratulations.

So anyway... I really want to open my new gallery but I'm still debating whether to wait for all three cels to come in, or just the two which should come this week or early next week. Aside from that well I also should wait on some YYH. LOL. All I ever do nowadays is wait it seems. ^__^***