Makoto Shinsengumi

A very real relationship Roy and Claudia
last modified: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 (1:49:06 AM)
Well I got a cel in! I can’t seem to help but update everytime I get a cel, even if it’s only one! I think the reason is, I don’t really spend my money easily unless it’s something I really really like. Today I put up Roy Fokker I think if you are a child of the 80’s you’d know Macross or Robotech. He is one of the major characters there! And I especially love this cel because this is from a flashback of Claudia when Roy was still fairly young. Ah those two are my absolute favorite pairing in Macross. To me their relationship is well built, mostly because we do see a story behind it and it wasn’t something like love at first sight or first sex. LOL. It is well-based eventhough we all know they weren’t the main pair in the show and Roy… Well let’s just say we won’t get to see more of him after ep 18, until ep 33 with Claudia’s flashback. The past few years I mainly wrote fanfic on Saitou (Geez all my topics include him ne? You must be tired) in alternate pairing in Rurouni Kenshin. I guess this has given me a bit of rep as an alternate pairing fan, but looking back I’ve liked many “established” pairs like Richard and Erika from Daimos, Aoi and Kaoru from Ai Yori Aoshi, among them is Roy and Claudia to name a few. I think my problem with Saitou is him having no real “relationship” that was established in the series and really we only see one side of him, unlike let’s say of course my other favorite pair Kenshin and Kaoru. And me being a hopeless fan of him just wants to pair him up with someone more tangible to me. No offense to Saitou x Tokio fans out there and yes I know the guy is married but that’s not tangible to me, so I end up picking other characters that I “know” about. That’s always been my problem with “implied” pairs or pairs I’m just told as “that”, if I see something just not right about them or not established enough I tend to not believe it. But anyway back to Roy and Claudia, these two are rock solid pairs. Normally if their relationship was left as it was or I was just “told” they were the pair, I’d probably tilt my head and say… Ummm… -Sure-, I –believe- you. Sarcasm there just in case it was missed. Anyway there is a term for that I think in writing, it’s called “Suspension of Disbelief”, that is to convince the reader (or viewer) that something is possible in the context of that show/story. Any anime has some sort of story so it applies. As you can see I didn’t believe RK Saito’s pair cause again it’s not real to me in RK, in real life that’s a different story but it’s also not RK Saito. But Roy and Claudia is VERY VERY REAL and thankfully enough we get that and then some more! The backstory of these two did it for me and they are forever engraved in my mind as “meant for each other”… Ah if only Roy didn’t have such a tragic end. T__T Poor Claudia… Ah now I must go to bed.