Why can't I sell? The Answer.

NO SELLING/OFFER POSTS for cels or artwork IN BLOGS..You've been warned--Spread the word!
Aug 03 at 3:48 PM
As a new account member, I have a question about the market you set up. The user named "singularity" has Cels on your marketplace site posted with the exception of his Dragon Ball Cels.

When you look at the count of DB Cels for sale on your site it says (232), only (42) show up. But when you add singularities (190) Cels/Douga in his gallery it adds up perfectly and I know he's selling. Therfore there must be an error on your market site that's not posting sigularities Cels for sale.

Please get in touch with them or find out if you can repost their Cels for sale on your Market Site.

Thank you
Edited Sep 16 at 4:11 AM
DB Turnabout Gallery
Sep 16 at 4:04 AM
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