creative services requested

I've gotten a few e-mails lately about making site graphics. Specifically, there are some members on this site looking for creative folks willing to create banners for their galleries.

If there's anyone out there who is willing to generously volunteer their creative skills to something like this, please post here and/or e-mail me. I've directed the people looking for banner makers to watch this thread, so posting here is just as good.

Hey, this could be the first chance to try out my bonus point system. Hmmm. 25 bonus points for volunteering your name to the public "will create banner graphics" list.

Let's ignore the teeny, weeny little detail right now about the points not yet being redeemable for anything. =)


Current list of friendly people willing to help with graphics:
(I'll make a page for this sometime later.)

- MG - MG's Cels [ ]
lavainia - Aurora Borealis [ ]
tokyoanime2 - Tokyo Anime 2 [ ]
morganv - Morgan's Escaflowne Gallery [ ]
Startyde - The Startyde [ ]
Kitt - Things with Wings [ ]
Pogo - Catgirls, Beauties & Other Cels [ ]
Ore-Sama - Money's Grave [ ]
Echo - Lunar Reflections [ ]

Please feel free to drop into their galleries to send them feedback and to introduce yourself and your collection. Have fun.
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Plastic Future
May 03 at 12:22 AM
i'd be willing to help people create graphics for their galleries, they can look at my gallery (which doesn't line up properly on 800x600, i'm looking at that...) or email me ( for some links to some of my currently inactive but nicely done webpages :).
aurora borealis
May 03 at 7:51 AM
I wouldn't mind doing it...Just depends on what the gallery would want banner-wise, and done graphically...They can check out mygallery to see the type of graphichs I'm in to...Albeit, there's only the one of Ai right now ^^;! Plus...I have to find some decent time to dedicate to it >.<!
Ms. Poe
Ms. Poe
May 04 at 1:14 AM
Kudos, thanks. I made up a quick bonus point system where I can award points... but I still need to make some sort of interface for it so I don't have to manually tweak the numbers...

I'll get around to revamping the resources section (FAQ included) soon so that I can make a little page saying that you're available to help out.

Anyone else who wants to add their names to this list is welcome. 25 points! Come on, who doesn't want 25 points in a brand-new, totally arbitrary system? (tee hee)
Plastic Future
May 04 at 2:28 AM
I wouldn't mind helping people out at all!
If anyone needs a hand just drop me a line.
morgan's gallery
May 05 at 7:29 AM
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