Updating gallery issue

I'm not sure if thsi is a site issue or just me. But I am unable to update my galleries with new items as I get the follwoing error message.

Amazon S3 will stop supporting TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 connections.

Have tried through Firefox and Chrome browsers.

is this a fault at my end, or the host server. I did get one new cel uploaded after about 5 attempts. But no luck after that.
Bunny Love
Jul 30 at 3:29 PM
I got that message, however the page usually gets stuck on 'Post processing files 0%'

I can add items without images, I can edit/update information for each of my exhibits also, but Rubberslug is just not uploading images.

Is this the final nail in RS's coffin? :(
Aug 08 at 9:45 AM
try chaning your file names guys and or they are too big
Tori's Cels
Aug 08 at 3:41 PM
Jason, the owner of rubberslug is aware of the problem. He posted this on the rubberslug Facebook group in regards to someone reporting the same issue.

"Ah. I was waiting for that to happen. Rubberslug will need to go down for a while for me to fix that. No eta, as I’m in the middle of moving. (Sorry)"

So hang tight everyone, it'll get fixed !
Edited Aug 08 at 10:37 PM
oxypetalus's Gallery
Aug 08 at 10:34 PM
ah ok, thanks. I know its not the file name as thats onlt about 2 characters long. Sorry I'm not on FB. I've been avoiding it for the longest time
Bunny Love
Aug 09 at 4:59 PM
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