After 22 Years I'm closing GALLERY "E"

As one of the original members of the site, it is with great memories and positivity that I leave as a former long-time gallery owner and moderator.
(Over 200k visitors)

I just haven't done enough cel collecting nor been involved enough in the anime cel-collecting community over the last 15 years or so to justify "hanging around".

I had a blast. I was fortunate and one of the truly lucky ones that have held and owned true treasures, not found today in anywhere near the abundance that Japanese production anime cels were in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but I've given them up to new homes along the way due to changing times, changing countries, new family, and adventures. I hope that you were one of them.
Rubberslug Fam are the best...

I still have a few anime cels that will always be with me, but a few that I will eventually be released into the wild. I've found myself more attracted to American Comic Art - Marvel and DC. It's just something about the detail and artistry I see expressed at a higher level, with more variation of style and originality. This is no disrespect aimed at Japanese anime and manga, which I love for their depth of content and story, but simply a change in tastes for art collecting. I am very grateful for everything and all of the great people that I've met both in the States and Japan, where I've resided off and on for almost 20 years.

Thank Jason, the owner of this site for keeping this old site up and running. I thought long ago that he'd close up shop and kick everyone off. He's a true one-of-a-kind. I haven't seen it duplicated in love or new code anywhere on the Internet. Perhaps one of you young coders will pick up the mantle and keep it afloat before he does!

Thanks Jason and all of the moderators throughout the years!


May 07 at 4:54 AM
You are a legend and a figurehead for the good olde days of this hobby. The late 90's, early 2000's were the wild west for so many collectables and internet in general. It will be impossible to describe how free and adventurous it all felt, we charted new paths each and every day.

The absolute best on your next chapter my friend, and the best of luck with your new found comic passion. Perhaps we will see you on
The Startyde
Jul 08 at 3:44 PM
Thank you Startyde, same to you! Yes, it is impossible to describe those days of wonderment!
The chapter has begun.. just more on silent mode these days..
Already there (on comicartfans) for a few years (since 2019), mostly just picking up some nice artwork, every now and then.. I just posted a few of pics on the forum.. Eric Lee
Edited Aug 07 at 7:39 AM
Aug 07 at 7:33 AM
im on comic art fans as wel
Tori's Cels
Aug 08 at 8:06 AM
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