It's the 20's. What's the best way to find other collectors in my fandoms?

I used to collect cels back in the late '90's and early '00's but all of the community forums I knew are gone now and I've lost touch with fellow collectors of the series I liked and I'm wondering about the best place to find them, these days.

Recently someone contacted me through my long-neglected gallery with an interest in purchasing some of my cels. I'd be willing to part with a few, but this person claims to be new to the game and I'm suspicious they may be a retailer just looking to acquire cheap and resell. I've had this happen on ebay before with a rare collectible, and I'd rather sell at a reasonable rate to a fellow fan than contribute to inflated prices.

It would be helpful to have a community, again, where I knew the other folks in my niche fandoms. Is there anything left like that?
May 11 at 3:38 PM
Don t be hypocritical who cares about resellers as soon as you can resell at a good price ? ?? if someone wants to make benefits after a while there is not problem
Lost in Translation
May 11 at 3:43 PM
Nothing hypocritical about it because I don't upsell, and it's totally my prerogative if I prefer to sell to a fan than a reseller. :)
May 11 at 9:16 PM
Kyokiu, 100% agree. I would rather sell to a fan/collector than to a resell shop.

Anime Beta is still active as far as forums go. If you want to reconnect or try selling something there may be a good place to start.
cel addict
May 11 at 11:37 PM
Thank you so much, cel addict! That's just the space I was looking for.
May 12 at 4:32 PM
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