Ebay sales : Ranma/ City Hunter / Sailor Moon

Hi, feel free to check my last updated sales on ebay :

Lost in Translation
Feb 24 at 3:31 AM
FYI someone asked me about the Sailor Moon piece it’s not a Hanken it’s a pan cel from Episode 59 around the 18 minute mark if you blink you miss it ^_^ the Luna and Artemis layer are missing from this piece.
In My Dreams
Feb 26 at 8:32 PM
Thank you very much! It was titles as "hanken " on yahoo auction, i will check and change :3
Lost in Translation
Feb 27 at 1:44 AM
Did you try selling that Sailor Moon cel before or did you buy it recently? I saw this cel first in Yahoo Japan last year, then it was on eBay a few months ago.

I usually grab screenshots of cels that I am interested in but lost or didn't buy. Here is the screenshot of this one I captured:


At a glance, it looks like a sericel. The lines are crisp and there is no frame sequence production numbering .
Edited Mar 06 at 9:55 AM
Mar 06 at 9:38 AM
it has been purchased few months ago on yahoo auction, it was listed as " Hanken " . i couldn't find from when it came, untill Jadeduo finds the exact scene from episode 59. But just figured it out that somes details are not the same, and the cel number is not written on it. It might be a seriecel, i m not an expert that's why i prefer to remove my ebay auction for now, before we discover the source of this cel.
Thank you for your help guys
Lost in Translation
Mar 07 at 6:16 AM
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