Looking for cels from many titles (both shounen and shoujo)

Hi there,

I'm looking for cels from a LOT of titles and the list long :p So please contact me on moialmathea@gmail.com if you have anything that might interest me. ^^

- Ai no Kusabi (yaoi): everything and anything ??
- Amon saga (shounen): Amon.
- B'T X et B'T X NEO (shounen): I'm completely drawn again into this oneand we may do some exchanges too ??
- Carol (shoujo): Only the male characters Flash, Kheppri and Clark.
- Cyber City OEDO 808 (shounen): I'm only looking for a nice Benten (it's also possible to exchange with Okyo or Sayaka from Demon City Shinjuku)
- Dangaioh (shounen): Flash and Burst (OAV 3)
- Darside Blues (shounen): Darkside.
- Deimos no hanayome (shoujo) Yeah I know, not an easy one...
- Earthian (shoujo): almost everything and anything ??
- Genji (par Yun Kouga): it would highly depends on the cel ^^
- Project A-ko - Uncivil wars (shounen): Gail.
- Salamander (shounen): Lord British. ?
- Hi-speed Jecy (shounen): Falk!
- Inferious Wakusei Rekishi Gaiden Condition Green (shounen): It would alos depend on the cel but I'd rather go for the guys.^^
- Joker ~Marginal city (euh... Shoujo?): Everything! Not an easy one either but my little one feels very lonely ??
- Kaze no tairiku / the Weathering continent (euh... Shounen?): Depending on the cel ^^
- Kaze to ki no uta (yaoi): Everything and anything!!!!
- Natsue no tobira (shoujo): I have a lot so it would depend on the cel ^^
- Petshop of horrors (shoujo): Mainly OVA Despair and Delicious
- Please save my earth (shoujo): Let's see what you can propose ^^
- Pygmalion (shounen): Mainly Marius and Asnus.
- RG Veda (euh...): open to any honnest proposal ??
- Sailor Moon (shoujo): mainly Beryl, the 4 Dark Kingdom generals and Mamoru/Endymion
- Sparkling labyrinth / Ryokunohara meikyuu (shoujo): EVERYTHING! ??
- Vampire princess Miyu (shoujo): I'm willing to see everything but the best would be Garline or Tokiya *_*
- Samourai troopers (shounen): Shuten and Chaos.
- Yoma: Maru and only Maru ??
- Zetsuai / Bronze / Cathexis (yaoi): EVRYTHING, everything and everything!-
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Jan 21 at 2:47 PM
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