Market Place shop or elsewhere

I want to list some cels for sale but due to their nature, I can not list them on ebay and the RS Shop is out of order. Can anyone advise on another location to sell adult themed cels?

Thanks collectors.
Bunny Love
Jan 09 at 2:13 PM
You can probably list them on eBay if you censor over the naughty bits.
Jan 10 at 9:29 AM
haha. Thanks for the reply. yes I did try that.
then they bannd me for a week.

But I might as well just list a white sheet of paper.
Bunny Love
Jan 10 at 4:29 PM
You can list them in the mature section on eBay.
cel addict
Jan 10 at 9:11 PM
Oh no. I thought that you might get away with selling them if they were censored. I’ve seen other naughty cels that have been listed that were not banned but this must be not hmmm...what’s your email? I might buy them :)
Jan 11 at 6:34 PM
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