Selling on Yahoo Auctions Japan

Can anyone help with selling on Yahoo Auctions Japan? I'm based in the UK.

Anyone done it before? Would really appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance!
Jun 28 at 7:35 AM
You can only do it through certain proxies or if you know someone in Japan who can list for you
Moonlight Cels
Jun 29 at 8:56 AM
Hi Chris, many thanks for returning the message!

Do you know of any proxies that offer this service?

The only one I have found is:

They charge you a flat rate of Yen 1000 per auction plus 18% of the final value fee. This includes all the feeds, minus any remittance / PayPal / bank charges.

Anyone done this before? Are they trustworthy?


I would love to find someone in Japan that can list on my behalf. This would be the ideal solution.

Jun 29 at 10:20 AM
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