Moving to a different state, need advice

I’m going on a three day move to a new state and am bringing a trailer with me to carry my animation cels. Do any of you have advice on transporting animation cels safely? I don’t want them getting damaged and they’re all professionally framed.
Whip's Cels and Stuff
Mar 05 at 8:22 PM
How far away is the move and what are you worried about specifically? I moved with mine not too long ago and nothing bad happened
Mouths of Evangelion
Mar 07 at 8:18 PM
If you framed with Museum Glass, I would suggest removing the facing from the frame, putting a giant "x" of easily removable tape on the front and back of the glass, and packing it separately between two sheets of cardboard and then bubble wrap it.

If you framed with UV filtering Plexiglas (like TruVue Conservation Clear Acrylic, or OP-3 Acrylite) that material doesn't shatter... so, you can leave it in the frame. In the worst case scenario, if the facing breaks, it will not damage the cel.

Besides that, just put a sheet of plastic over the frame, put cardboard packing corners on the frame corners, stretch film the corners and plastic on all sides, cover the frame in large bubble wrap, stretch film all the sides again, and box the frame. If you're using a box larger than the bubble wrapped frame, fill in the rest of the area with more bubble wrap, so it doesn't shift around in the box. Also, check the "Box Certificate" that should be printed somewhere on whatever box you're using, and make sure it is rated for the weight of whatever you are packing in it.
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Chris' Cel Site
Mar 08 at 10:36 AM
@D_Animation I’m moving from Colorado to Virginia. I’m mainly worried about the temperature of the inside of the trailer. Most of my cels are Evangelion cels and I don’t really want to trust a moving company with them.
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Whip's Cels and Stuff
Mar 08 at 3:15 PM
Is there any way to keep them on your person?

I just kept them with me, but I have Itoyah binders and carrying cases for the binders so that was easy. And the move wasn't nearly as long as yours

Maybe buy a temporary carrying binder/case so you can keep them on you?

Other than that just pack it well I guess, but that won't do anything for temperature
Mouths of Evangelion
Mar 08 at 6:02 PM
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