The perfect cel

Hi Sluggers!

"Wondering what everyones opinion is on what constitutes a perfect cel?"

It could be the film, character, size, colour, condition, nudity, matching douga, matching background, pose, expression, meaning, aggression, joy, presence, a key moment.

What does it for you?

Wicked Cels
Jan 23 at 1:35 PM
Finding that particular cel of a favorite character, from a favorite moment in a series, with douga, genga, and background would be a perfect win for me if it ever happens. I'm honestly just happy finding nicely drawn cels of my favorite characters (pose/expression/size). The extra stuff are nice bonuses if they ever cross my path. Especially backgrounds because they love to steal all the attention! :D

What's your perfect cel?
Cabinet of Curiosities
Feb 03 at 9:05 PM
Ha ha 'backgrounds love to steal all the attention' - I love that! Cause they do!

Hard to say, for me it's not so much the character, it could be from a film I haven't even watched - its more the composition, colour and general vibe I get from it. I do love a matching douga and background. Sometimes the Dougas are more impressive than the actual cel.

thanks for replying!
Feb 19 at 11:53 AM
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