The Inspector Gadget ARTBOOK IS COMING!

Hello friends, first of all happy holidays, this site is wonderful, all the cels and works of art gathered in one place.

I have great news, in my country Spain we are making an Artbook of Inspector Gadget, where we will talk and gather all the art of the series. Not only with it! The artists and designers of Nelvana herself will tell us firsthand her experience and provide original material from the series! with them are Brian Lemay, Dave Cox, Dale Cox, Charlie Bonifacio, Stephan Martiniere, Jim Craig, Dale Schott ... and many more that are yet to come. But we don't just want to show this, we want to show the ultimate art material to honor this beautiful series. so ... IF YOU HAVE A CEL or production art OF THE INSPECTOR GADGET SERIES CONTACT ME! Some users have already done it! I just need a high quality or scanned photograph! to be able to include it in the book, along with your name of course! Our book will be in Spanish and English, hardcover, and landscape artbook format.

if you contribute with your photographs of your cells or art production. This book will come true!

Thank you, I await your message!
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