Japanese Seller chiccha_popura16y03 PSA

Hi all,

I wanted to send out a quick PSA regarding a seller on Yahoo Japan, chiccha_popura16y03
I purchased six cels for them and when they arrived, (Thursday) all six have vinegar syndrome. There are varying stages from the strong vinegar smell to the cel warping. The images used in the auction are perfect and there was no mention in the description about strong smell or vinegar, which I have seen sellers do. After 20+ years of purchasing from Yahoo Japan this is the first time that this has happened to me. It's very disappointing. I'm trying to save the dougas now. I'm airing them out in a ventilated garage for three days, then they will each be placed between two sheets of mircrochamber paper. (front and back). I'll check them again in about a month. They should be salvageable. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up with my experience with chiccha_popura16y03

Thanks everyone,

Some Dude
Jun 07 at 7:12 PM

Thanks for sharing this information Matt. Can you please post pictures of the auctions and pictures of what you actually received? Thank you!

Sorry momo, I don't check here that often anymore. I purchased the cels using smj for my deputy. Since the deputy couldn't do anything to help me I cleared my auction list. If anyone knows how to get back a deleted auction list from smj let me know and I can post the original auction scans. Here are the worst two cels with vinegar syndrome http://brickwallpeanuts.rubberslug.com/gallery/master_query.asp?SeriesID=52156 there isn't much use in posting the other four since you won't be able to smell them. Be careful my fellow cel collectors.
Some Dude
Jun 19 at 5:59 PM

No problem Matt! Glad to hear you are still around and appreciate you sharing your experience with this seller. Unfortunately do not know how to restore deleted auction listings, perhaps Nick knows? Have you inquired? The pictures you posted are visibly noticeable. So if the seller did not use recent pictures they probably were attempting to hide the cel vinegar syndrome. Dishonest and unfortunate there are sellers who operate in this manner.

As a general practice, we always save the auction listing images to compare what is listed and what is received. So far it has aided us and helped reduce problems with sellers and filing claims with paypal too.

PS Really like your new galleries! Cheers!
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