Is it possible to see sales by member

Hello. I am fairly new to this site. I understand that sales are to be made through the market. But on occasion, I come across a great member gallery and wonder if that user is selling anything of theirs in the market. It's a minor feature, but I figured I'd ask if it's possible. It'd be especially helpful with members who collect from a certain series usually in the "Other" tag.
Apr 27 at 6:06 PM
Tori's Cels
Apr 28 at 8:29 PM
Apr 30 at 3:59 PM

Currently, users are strongly advised to post their sale items in the RS for sale section and NOT in their gallery. At least, that is the official RS rules per Jason (RS creator and reference his pinned post and this thread .

Having said that, if you come across an item in a gallery, it does not hurt to politely ask, if the owner is open to hearing offers. If the owner replies, strongly recommend making your BEST offer if you want to buy their cel. Good luck.
Edited May 03 at 8:01 PM
M O M O's cels
May 03 at 7:55 PM
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