Question About Looking Overseas

This is probably a stupid question but when I look on Japanese sites selling cels besides having series titles they have misc or other titles under A KA SA TA NA YA RA & WA Is there a specific meaning to these letters or is it just alphabetical
Steve's Anime Cels
Jan 16 at 10:38 AM
They're being organized by the Japanese alphabet, and there are corresponding hiragana and katakana characters for all those sounds.

If you're trying to browse Yahoo Japan, you'd probably have an easier time of finding things using a deputy service search engine. Might I suggest using You can type in the name of the series you're looking for, and chances are, it's there. Or, if it's not listed, plug the Japanese characters in and you should be able to find what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.
Cutiebunny's Coven
Jan 16 at 10:58 AM
Hi Thanks that helps. I use a deputy service and have purchased several cels through them, but every once and while I find cels searching myself and the deputy service makes the purchase for me. The problem is I find them in misc or other that don't show up in any of the deputy services search engines. I found a You're Under Arrest in misc TA I assume because it's Japanese name is Taiho Shichauzo, but wasn't sure.
Steve's Anime Cels
Jan 16 at 11:21 AM
I use wkipipeda and paste the japan name
Tori's Cels
Jan 16 at 4:24 PM
So do I but every once and while I find one in misc because the seller doesn't realize what series it's from or the series isn't that popular on that site and is listed as misc.
Steve's Anime Cels
Jan 16 at 9:08 PM
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