Anime Cel Sale 100s of pieces available

Hi there singularity,

I am very interested in one of your cels but the link to the Google Docs price list is not working. I have also just realized that this topic is from last October 2018 and not this October 2019 but I got excited when I saw a post from the other day haha.

With that being said however, please would you be able to reach out to me and let me know if the cel is still available and what the price for DRAG-09-001 is?

This has been a wish list cel for years ^.^

Thank you so much :)
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Nov 02 at 6:51 PM
I've been seeing a lot of these posts for Anime 100's recently. I asked the same questions a year ago.

Most of these cels have been sold on their website: AniMarket. If you want to see what they have left or contact them, go to the website:
DB Turnabout Gallery
Nov 03 at 6:47 AM
Thank you so much for letting me know about this round5 ^.^ Its so confusing when there are no year stamps on the forums lol.

Ugh, really the Animarket website is from this gallery?!! I've been on the site many times before and remember seeing the cel I wanted for sale on there but didn't pounce at the time, naturally now it is gone XD :( I had no idea they were one and the same...

Oh well, I guess the cel will stay on my wish list for a few more years haha. Thanks again round5 for answering my question ^.^
Nov 03 at 3:02 PM
Hi, do you have anything left?

Can you please contact me on emmanuel.tiberghien(at)

May 13 at 3:26 AM
Hi do you always have Akira's drawings to sell ?
Also Memories, Mononoke & Metropolis


cel cartoon collect
Nov 12 at 2:58 AM
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