Are there people who can help you find cels?

Hi, This might be a strange question and I'm honestly not even sure if this is the right way to describe them or not but are there people out there who have access to vast resources and networks who you can 'hire' to hopefully track down cels for you?

I am trying to find some production cels from The Chipmunk Adventure that were signed by Ross Bagdasarian JR and I feel like I missed them all when they came through Ebay.

I have googled so much and have come up empty. It would be really amazing if there are people out there that you can go to with a request and then they go off and try and find one for you.

Does anyone know if such a service exists or not? Or better yet, know of anyone who is selling Chipmunk Adventure artwork.

Thank so much ^.^
Sep 27 at 11:45 PM
I've never heard of anything like that, but I've never collected non Anime Artwork... Most of my collection comes from a lot of time invested in stalking auction sites, and the related cel forums like this one and Anime Beta...

I check Auction sites everyday.
In My Dreams
Sep 28 at 2:07 PM
my friends at arto-ons on ebay have some chimpumk adventure stuff send them a message that tori sent you
Edited Sep 28 at 9:03 PM
Tori's Cels
Sep 28 at 8:27 PM
i aslo used to find art for friends and still do on occsion
Tori's Cels
Sep 28 at 8:30 PM
Thank you so much for your help with my question everyone ^.^ I really appreciate it.

Lol, you are like me Jadeduo, I've been stalking auction sites almost daily now but I never seem to hit gold.

Hum...would you please be able to PM me a link to arto-ons on Ebay tori? I can't seem to find anything relating, unless I'm looking in the wrong place of course, which is highly probable haha.
Sep 28 at 9:52 PM
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