Its a Trap

These two cels have Vinegar Syndrome. You can tell by the spots and "sanka shuu" (oxidation smell) in the seller's description. That means the cellulose acetate, the cel, is breaking down into cellulose and acetic acid (vinegar). This will spread to other cels they come in contact with.
Dec 27 at 5:41 AM
It's not really a trap if the seller is open about the potential issue.
The seller is a very reputable one whom we've bought from on many occasions. In this particular case I wouldn't be too worried because (in our case) we bag all of our cels individually so that they don't come in direct contact with each other.
All cels will eventually deteriorate. Nothing you can do about that but preserve them as best as possible.
Congratulations to the winners of those two wonderful cel lots, BTW!
Dec 27 at 7:44 AM
No, I didn't mean it was literally a trap and yes the winners have two very nice cels if they can stabilize them. Hopefully it was the same person so they can keep them together.

btw I have one or two cels from this seller too in excellent condition.
Edited Dec 31 at 12:40 AM
Dec 27 at 3:46 PM
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