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I was how to change the pic next to my username, I've looked everywhere and can't find anything
In Search of Seichi
Oct 25 at 1:31 PM
To set an image for your avatar you:

1) Make sure you log in
2) Go to your "My Profile" page
3) You will see several sub titles for different categories, Personal, Gallery, Modules, Community and Market" Find the subtitle entitled "Gallery"
4) As you look down in the "Gallery" box you will see, Gallery Settings, Manage Exhibits, Color & Layout, Edit Site Graphics and a couple other titles.
5) Select the "Edit Site Graphics" link
6) This page has three sub categories, Select Page To Edit, Upload Graphics, and File Management. Select "Gallery Listing" in the pull down menu under "Select Page To Edit" title and press the "GO" button. The page will refresh
7) Under the "Upload Graphics" subtitle, select your new image. Choose your image then click either the "Upload New Image" or "Preview In New Window", (Grey buttons) located at the bottom of the page.
8) YAY! you did it. There you go.

Hope this helps you out.


The Brick Wall, A Peanuts Gallery
Oct 25 at 3:13 PM
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