DBZ - Where is my Vegeta Cel from in the series

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.
I have had this Vegeta cel, it is stuck to the background, has the original sketch, as well as the time sheets I think, But I was wondering if anyone could tell me where it is from exactly. I first thought it was from the Cell saga, when Super Vegeta fights Semi-perfect cell, but the background dosent match. Any help dbz fans?


MajinTangerine Dragonball Z Cels
Jul 02 at 9:47 PM
Well, it's the cel itself you'd want to check with the show, not the background. Judging from Vegeta's appearance and outfit it indeed comes from the Cell Saga.

It's pretty rare for a DBZ cel to come with it's original background and your background doesn't look like an original DBZ. I've never noticed apple trees during fights :D
Royal Crimson
Jul 03 at 5:19 AM
Thanks for the reply! That is exactly my thought as well, I too have never noticed the apple trees anywhere in the series, so that's why I was curious. Also with it being stuck I wasn't sure, so thanks for the info :) I am sure it is from when he fights Semi-perfect cell as the animation is really close in a particular scene.

Thanks again!:)
MajinTangerine Dragonball Z Cels
Jul 03 at 9:39 PM
You're right where the cel is Vegeta fighting the monster cell episode 077 from DBZ-Kai not sure which episode from the orginal :P
Sometimes when finding at certain scene/cut feel like found it but not quite right most of the time just one or two sequence off the goal.

Had my fun hunting for today =^3^= definitely nice cel of Vegeta.
Land Down Under Cel Gallery
Jul 04 at 6:45 AM
It's from the Bow To the Saiyan Prince episode (141 - ish?). He's just told Cell he doesn't know when to quit.
Approximately 15:21
Gold Knight
Gold Knight's Cel Gallery
Jul 06 at 6:46 PM
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