Buying HxH cels and yahoo auction

Hello guys
I am new guy here and just got in to collecting cels so I decidet to get some cool HxH anime cels.
Price is no problem but the problem starts when I look for them,there is not big variety on ebay so I decidet to visit yahoo japan.Since I live in croatia I cant bid on items but does not seem to be the case for you guys.
My q is how do you guys buy on yahoo and Do you know any collector that is selling HXH stuff.
Thank you guys alot
Nov 12 at 6:51 PM
We use deputy services like ShoppingMallJapan (SMJ) and Rinkya. These services act as a middleman. You bid on the items you want, they take care of payment and internal shipping in Japan, and then, once you pay for the item and a commission fee for their services, they either ship the items to you or to a storage unit in the US where you can later request shipping. This depends on the deputy service. You'll need to look around to first see what deputies will ship to Croatia and then consider how much their services cost.

You can also buy cels from and they will send internationally as well.

Hope this helps and welcome to RS!
Cutiebunny's Coven
Nov 12 at 10:24 PM
I'm willing to part with certain HxH cels in my collection.
Gold Knight
Gold Knight's Cel Gallery
Nov 12 at 11:04 PM
I'm also currently taking offers on my gallery right now and have a few HxH items I would be willing to sell.
anime obsessed
Nov 15 at 10:45 PM
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