Shreds of paper on front of cel

There are plenty of threads about detaching sketches and such, but I couldn't find anything about this specific problem.
I recently acquired a nice cel which unfortunately has some tiny, very thin shreds of paper stuck to 2 or 3 spots on the front of the cel. (Some of the more detailed parts of the cel were painted on the front instead of the back, hence the sticking.) Clearly it was previously stored in a stack, with a sketch that got stuck to it.
The usual tips for removing an entire stuck sketch (i.e. a whole page) aren't very helpful since these are such small shreds. The shreds are so thin that it obviously would be way too risky to pull or scrape them off. They're pretty unsightly. Any suggestions?
Oct 28 at 9:39 PM
Try wetting the shreds with a Q-tip dipped in distilled water. That should let you separate them from the trace lines they're stuck to without damaging the trace lines.
Be gentle! ^_^
Oct 29 at 7:14 AM
I just wanted to say I finally got a chance to try this, and it worked like a charm! (Though I used a glasses-cleaning cloth instead of a q-tip.) I wouldn't have guessed the right solution would be so simple.
Thanks a lot!
Edited Jan 01 at 2:15 PM
Jan 01 at 2:12 PM
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