Help ID some cels

Can anyone help me id these characters, all I know that they are from AIC Animation shows.
I nearly thought that they may have been from either of the El Hazard TV shows especially the last 2 but after a check of character listings and a spot check of both shows I had no luck.
Agent J's Cels
Sep 10 at 3:28 PM
Ok from another forum I have been told that they are from the h anime Spaceship Agga Ruter.
Agent J's Cels
Sep 13 at 3:31 PM
We just rescued Spaceship Agga Ruter from the out-of-print graveyard and put it out on DVD again - the character designs are the same look as Tenchi Muyo ????!
Sep 21 at 3:52 PM
Both were AIC. A lot of AIC from that time period looks similar. Maybe some of the same staff worked on both shows?
Sep 21 at 4:56 PM
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