Looking for a cel artist.

Hello there, all. A few months ago I picked up a cel from Sailor Moon for my wife; the cel comes from episode 90, where Rei's heart crystal is taken, this scene:

The actual cel can be viewed in this Tumblr post: http://keyofnik.tumblr.com/post/60782326928

The problem is that the cel is missing the heart crystal itself. Since tracking down that missing cel layer will be next to impossible, the next best thing is to get someone to create a layer that would replicate that image--either of the heart crystal as it appears in the episode, or as the sparkles that we see in the frame above.

Is there a section on Rubberslug for seeking out this kind of project or, failing that, is there a better place for me to look? Thanks for your help!
Sep 09 at 5:59 PM
you can ask on anime beta
http://natcels.rubberslug.com/gallery/home.asp here's a fan artist lots of people use
Tori's Cels
Sep 10 at 9:37 AM
Thanks for the information!
Sep 11 at 7:35 PM
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