RS Forums experiencing problems

Hi all!

We wanted to report the RS forums do not correctly display and/or link to new forums posts. Just testing some of the newer posts and it does not take you to the post or the forums, but instead users are redirected to the general page. This error has been happening for over six months, but was inconsistent and appears more frequently now. This allows applies to historical posts regardless of the user. We noticed some of Jason's posts do not even appear too. Can someone kindly research this and share it with Jason too? Thank you!

On an unrelated note, how can users "hide" and/or delete the sections in our gallery that we do not want to display? E.g. About, Links, and Photo Album? Please let us know and if it is currently unavailable, kindly pass this request along to Jason too. Thanks. We've posted this request in the official thread features request nearly two years ago, and just want to make sure it does not become forgotten. Thank you!

As always if there is anything more we can do to help, including send more donations, please let us know. Thank you bunches! =)
Edited Jul 22 at 12:06 PM
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