Want to BUY Cels and Sketches

OK I really don't have a wishlist here but I am constantly looking for things to add to my collection. And I just bought a ton of portfolios so got to fill those up! Right now I'm looking for more wholesale (magic words are cheaper and maybe bulk, maybe no jaw dropping pieces though no frankensteins please)

They must have a price proposal attached to them. I really don't like making offers unless it's a wishlist but no one ever puts up my wishlist for offers , so I'm going this route. They must be from my main collecting interest which is Rurouni Kenshin, Daimos, Voltes, Satoshi Kon art, Peace Maker, Hakuouki, Bakumatsu Ironha, Moeyo Ken, Shura no Toki or anything that's Shinsengumi related. I may look at Akazukin Chacha, Hanada Shounen-shi, Jubei chan, Tsukikage Ran, Naruto and You're Under Arrest if the price/piece is right.

Oh if you have a Saitou cel that I don't have a sequence mate for, let me know and I will offer for it generously. Totally opposite of the above. :D

You can contact me via RS feedback
Makoto Shinsengumi
May 04 at 12:57 PM
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