cel package in limbo with customs

Has anyone ever had a cel get stuck in customs?

Recently I placed two small orders with a website overseas. The second order arrived, but the first never made it, and is apparently stuck in customs for some reason. I've tried talking with the post office here, and they aren't much help.

I was wondering if anyone else on RS has had trouble with cels or other production art being held for long periods of time by customs. Were you eventually able to get your art?
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Black Mirror
Jan 22 at 11:46 AM
I recently had a package in customs for about 3 weeks after which I finally got it.
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anime obsessed
Jan 23 at 1:14 AM
I've had this happen to me before. Generally they are pretty careful about handling your items if they take it out to look at it, so I wouldn't worry about that. I guess the one thing you can be thankful for is at least with the package in customs you know that it has been sent Its just adding a couple of weeks to receive your item. Try not to stress to much about it (I know how hard that may be) youll get it eventually.

I hope that helped.
Infinity Cel Gallery
Jan 23 at 1:08 PM
I've had that happen. I don't even think they opened up the package to look at it. Customs wanted a film declaration form filled out like it was a movie they wanted to make sure it wasn't obscene or something because the customs form said 'used celluloid'. Took me a bit to talk to the right person and explain it was artwork, not 35mm film. There's usually a person at Customs you can talk to.
Kett's Cel Gallery
Jan 23 at 2:04 PM
Thank you all for the helpful replies. I contacted the seller and they are looking into it. I'll be sure and ask about the description that they used on the customs form- I hadn't even thought about that.

EDIT - 1/26/13: the package finally arrived, safe and sound. There was no indication that it was ever opened, so I'm not sure why it was delayed for so long. But I'm very happy to have it. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my needless worrying. :)
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Black Mirror
Jan 23 at 8:37 PM
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