Rubberslug will not accept any image uploads

I last successfully uploaded a new image entry to Rubberslug on Friday 14 Sept 2012. On Saturday, I uploaded a new entry but Rubberslug accepted only the text portion and not the images. Since then, all my attempts at uploading images via different computers and different OS's and browsers yield the post processing bar with 0% and no further action.

Since it has now been well over a day since anyone has uploaded a new entry with any images, I assume that there is something broken.
Benten's Place - A Cel Gallery
Sep 16 at 9:16 AM
Yeah, I've been wanting to update this weekend as well and have been having the same problem.

I hope it gets fixed soon..
Cutiebunny's Coven
Sep 16 at 3:56 PM
Some here I just signed up and I can't upload anything it is forever "Post Processing Files"
Tsukihenshin Cel Gallery
Sep 17 at 8:17 PM
A few people have been able to update again, and I had no problems uploading an image to my gallery a few minutes ago.

Hopefully all is back to normal again!
Cutiebunny's Coven
Sep 18 at 11:52 AM
Jason comments: Disk space issue. Maybe fixed? Let me know. Wish I had time to move the whole thing to another server. Not at the moment though, so I'll be cleaning out disk space every few days.
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Sep 18 at 3:24 PM
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