Unusual question about cleaning sericels?

Hi, I have a really odd question and I was hoping the RS community might help... I recently bought a sericel, and its plastic is much thicker than the average cel. There's a lot of scratches on the back- is there any way to "minimize" these? (I know there's probably no way to fix them). There is also a very strange substance stuck to the top of the cel- it's metallic-y silver and feels like that weird stuff they put on scratch-off lotto tickets. O.o; The only problem is I can't seem to pull or scratch it off- whatever it is, it's almost melded into the cel.
I'd really like to frame this piece, but the metallic pieces really detract from the cel- please, any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated! :(
Queen Cheetah's cels
Aug 24 at 10:29 PM
If you are able to, taking photos of the issue would help. Or scans, if you have a scanner. :)

If no one here on RS can help, I'd suggest asking over on Anime-Beta.

Usually very minute amount of rubbing alcohol on the end of a q-tip will do the trick for removing stubborn, unknown substances. Just don't let it touch anything you *don't* want removed!

If you're still unable to remove the silver substance, is it possible to frame the cel with a nice matting covering that part?
Stem Cels
Aug 26 at 3:13 AM
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