Need a few high resolution genga/douga scans

Hi guys, could you please help me?
I want to make color swatches and pencil brush presets (for photoshop) based on genga images. (As you can guess i haven't any of them)
All i need is a few scans, pretty big to see pencil and paper texture (300+ dpi), and of course all main colors: blue/red/orange/etc lines and blue/yellow/pink/green/etc color fills. (densely shaded as possible; on white paper [it would be awesome if you send me separately a different paper colors too])

It is important not to use scanner/photoshop autocontrast, autocolor, ect horrible features. Will be great if scan will include cmyk sample or even a pure white piece of something. Uncompressed *.tif or *.png it would be best.

You can post links here or send links/files to gengadouga(a)
Thank you! (..and sorry for my english.) m(_ _)m
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May 19 at 9:25 PM
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