Way to organize/hold cels/sketches etc.

Forgive me if this has already been covered a dozen times, and forgive me for my ignorance, but I need a way to hold my growing cel collection. My fascination with cels has built my collection to a hearty dosage of cels, and I'm seeking advice on how to store them. I've heard of binders and things of that nature but my google searches have come up short on finding anything relevant. I'm open to any and all advice, and thanks in advance! :)

P.s- Links would be appreciated!!
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May 08 at 7:46 PM
for cels I usually go with Itoya art portfolio, they come in different sizes to fit stand or oversize pan cel which is pretty neat. I get mine from amazon.
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May 08 at 9:12 PM
I agree. However, to minimize pressure on the cels and allow them to vent fumes, they should be stored standing upright (like books on a shelf) or hung with the spine up and the pages dangling down.

Sketch sets are OK to store inside inside archival boxes. (The ones made to store photographs are fine.) I group them inside plastic bags, label the outside (series, episode, cut #) and tuck in a sheet or two of MicroChamber paper to hold back yellowing. Single gengas or dougas can use a backing board so they're not accidentally dogeared or creased. Dougas that come with cels can be stored in the same portfolio with the cels.

Organizing? It's probably best to keep an inventory as you go, since as a collection grows it becomes more and more difficult to remember which box or portfolio a given cel is stored in. My RS gallery is much better organized than my physical collection, and I've only just finished a complete "crawl" through my gengas to be sure I can locate everything.
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May 09 at 7:12 AM
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