Jenn's Gallery Open For Offers

I'm pondering the purchase of a major ticket item. I thought that I'd let the fates decide by putting my gallery up for offers to see what may come of it. I haven't decided when I will close the offer period - it is really going to be a whim, but I will post when I am getting close to that point.

Payment plans - I will will except payment plans on total sales over $500. I will only allow one month for the payment period. 25% of your total final price is due upon agreement of the plan. This amount is NON- REFUNDABLE. Sorry...too many issues in the past.

If you do not know where to start with an offer, please feel free to just ask. I am more than happy to help you out - but if you do not like my response, please do not reply with obsenities and/or resentment. Again...too many issues in the past. Doing so will result in immediate blacklisting from any future sales with me. By the way...I have a very good memory. If you think that I may have forgotten issues from the past, I have not. I do notice when people change their user IDs and make a note of it.

Since this is NOT a desperation sale in any manner, I will not be doing "Jenn's Bargain Basement". I paid top dollar for many of my items, and I will not sell them for less than I think they deserve.

I'm certain that I sound harsh, but I really am not that mean. Please send any offers/questions through Anime Beta or my Rubberslug Feedback.
Angry Jenn's Cel Gallery
Nov 14 at 11:41 AM
Hello Jenn!

as usual i'm probably super late but by chance is you Bleach-Nel headshot stil available? would love to buy it from you.

i just found this post immediately after sending you a message on your feedback so sorry if you get a message through that. I'm new to rubberslug and galleries so I was trying to find some way to contact you. I truly appreciate your time! I for sure understand if you don't want to sell it.


Dec 18 at 4:27 PM
Would love to discuss with you stuff your willing to cel
Feb 19 at 8:23 PM
Hey there,

nice to meet u, i was wondering if i am still in time to make a proposal on a cel present in your collection. ‘^^

Please, let me know.

Cheers from Germany
Mar 09 at 6:04 PM
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