GIF ? Thumbnail or Image

Is there anyone who know how to add an animated GIF on a Thumbnail ?
Each time I try, I get the message "JPG, PNG, or GIF only." I am using .gif pictures but nothing seems to work.
It used to work on the previous version of RS but not anymore. Is it a technical problem ? Is anyone have any solution or answer to this problem ?
Dreamland's Gallery
Feb 28 at 12:42 PM
You aren't the only one having those issues. >_
Gold Knight
Gold Knight's Cel Gallery
Mar 01 at 12:38 AM
I know ... I will just love that someone can read my message (and the messages from other people who have the same problem) and find a solution, or even better : fix it !!
Thanks by the way (^o^)//
Dreamland's Gallery
Mar 01 at 2:17 AM
Also tried uploading a GIF today, and it said for Main image it accepts JPG only? :( And for Image #2 it says "JPG, PNG, or GIF only." when my img is clearly a .gif it still doesn't accept it. My old uploads of animated gifs are still working fine, I just can't update or upload a new one.
Mendo's Gallery
Mar 10 at 9:30 AM
Hi all got this to work for me!
On my Mac, you just rename your animated .gif file extension to .jpg and save.
Oden's Cels
Jun 08 at 11:44 AM
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