HTML in Item Names

Before we were able to use HTML in item name section for items but it doesn't seem to work now. I sometimes like to use a line break in the name of my items. Are we still able to do this somehow?
Shadows on White
Dec 02 at 9:41 AM
I also mentioned the use of HTML in item titles on page 3 in the “Counting down to The New Rubberslug” forum thread and got a response from Jason on page 4; Klet brought up the issue on page 5 of the same thread, and she was responded to on the bottom of page 7. It is also brought up in the first post on the “Recent Issues” thread.
Chris' Cel Site
Dec 02 at 10:03 AM
Thanks, Chris. I'm sad we can't use HTML in item titles any more, but whatever. It's not my Web site. lol

Thanks for the heads up to the other threads. I didn't even think to look in the other categories for support topics.
Shadows on White
Dec 03 at 9:30 AM
Add to my list CSS editor so you can customize how the series titles are displayed. I know how it *should* work, I just don't know offhand where I'm going to find time to get that in just yet.

You should be able to do more or less everything you were able to do with just putting in HTML tags and more.

Basically, section titles will have a class name associated with them. Additionally, you'll be able to specify an additional class name for each section so you can target a specific section title to style. If that doesn't make sense then I encourage you to look up some tutorials on cascading style sheets (CSS).

A sample style sheet would like like:
/* this will style all sections */
.section-title {

/* this will add a style to a specific section */
.my-top-5-favorites {

If that doesn't make sense, don't worry. You won't need to understand that to use the site. If you want to use HTML, you were probably trying to do something pretty advanced anyway... so I'm going to have to assume that you want more flexibility with CSS instead of some static menu-based thing like "[checkbox] make this a spacer, [checkbox] make this font size larger". That would take longer to write for less benefit.
Should be pretty straight forward with a complete inability to wreck the rest of the site. :)
Edited Dec 03 at 1:48 PM
Plastic Future
Dec 03 at 1:43 PM
Oooh, we'll be able to use CSS? Cool. I think I missed that. ^^;

Anyway, what I was talking about was the basic line break code used in individual item titles, not series titles on the main gallery page. I use line breaks multiple places, like on this page for example:

The line break allows me to neatly organize and write a bit longer item titles. I was going through a crazy organization mood before and gave all my cels a specific item number; beneath that I would give further information on the cel (character names and/or episode number). But I suppose with CSS we'll still be able to do something similar, right?
Shadows on White
Dec 06 at 9:55 PM
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