currently redesigning some elements

Sorry about not putting an update up in the past few days. I've been redesigning a few elements, namely sidebars, UI boxes, and title bars sitewide. It's mostly just deciding on something and then a whole lot of gruntwork.

I have a creeping feeling that I might miss my self-imposed launch date of "before AX2010" but I should get somewhat close.

More later.

(Oh, as a side note: sorry about posts on the new site not showing up on the old site. That's an unavoidable side effect of the new forum code. The posts not showing up for 15 minutes thing is something entirely different... that's just a plain old bug. I'll fix those in next patch.)
Plastic Future
Jun 27 at 7:51 PM
it's okay, i was actually surpised that a double blank post appeared on the old site when what i actually wrote was on here. lol
Ginga's Anime Galactica
Jun 30 at 9:42 PM
Been a long week. Death in the family. Major bummer. Have to shut down work for another few days. I was hoping to get another revision out today but that looks unlikely. My build is sorta halfway working with a lot of crazy parts so I might as well just spend a day or two getting it in presentable order before posting it.

More in a few days. Have to leave town for another few days and will be back sometime Tuesday. Have a great holiday weekend (if you're American, otherwise... have a good weekend)!
Plastic Future
Jul 02 at 11:53 PM
I'm back in town and regrouping for continued work on the site. More soon. Just need to pick up where I left off.
Plastic Future
Jul 07 at 5:21 PM
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