Those obscure series...

I was wondering if the objective is to widen the scope in RS and expose others to series that is not so popular (or maybe unknown)... How are these galleries going to have exposure? I see the Alphabetical but I'm pretty sure that's not an exhaustive list and it looks to me like those are not very obscure series. Some galleries have an amazing collection of osbcure, never before heard of series that have very good artwork and/or history to them. Maybe an exhaustive list of series should be created in the "by interest" with smaller "icons". What can be done is maybe the gallery owners of these obscure series can submit a category to a mod along with an icon or suggestion for an icon to be used. Because what's going to happen here is kind of like the sales area where "known" series are the only ones that get proper sales exposure and everyone else ends up in the "other" section.

Another way of doing it is maybe doing an interest category via "themes". Robot, Samurai, Cute... A gallery owner maybe can have a checkbox of what they would consider that particular "gallery section" to be but have a max choice of 2. Let's say "Akazukin Chacha" one can have a checkbox and tag it as "cute" and "magical girl"... Or even maybe Voltes V/Mazinger Z, one can tag it as "Sci-fi" and "Robot". I wouldn't suggest allowing to choose too many tags since people will just choose as much as they can fit in and would ruin the whole theme idea. Just throwing idease out there.
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Jun 17 at 7:56 PM
Primary goal is to widen beyond anime. There's a whole world of stuff beyond Japanese anime that has critical mass in art assets available but those collectors don't feel like Rubberslug is for them. It most certainly should be since there is quite a bit of overlap.

The primary way this is going to happen is optimizing the experience for people who are *not yet* members. The vast majority of visitors to the site are non-members. Growth comes from getting people who think this stuff is "kinda cool" to come and start collecting also.

A common assumption among all these posts seems to be that growth will come from some internal source. That is highly unlikely.
Plastic Future
Jun 18 at 6:52 AM
Well I guess I understand your side but those who are also new visitors might not know what they are looking for specifically. Instead of just having them exposed to the most popular/known series, having a gallery interest by "Theme" would present them with a more diverse viewing choice. It will also give other not so well known series exposure. So I think it solves a two fold problem.
Jun 21 at 9:26 PM
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