Known Issues

As of June 14:

- The Gallery section is in pretty good shape. Would like to branch out significantly from "Anime 1995-present".

- The Market section is mostly in copy-paste stage. I did the bare minimum to get it working. This area will expand greatly. No current ETA.

- The Forum is currently being worked on. My goal is to have this is a fully-working state by EOD Wednesday.

- All the various static pages such as privacy policy, etc. are mostly copy-paste jobs. Targeting end of week.

- Chat, background library, and anything else that's completely blank has yet to be ported. No current ETA.

- Styling in IE is off in some places at the moment. I will be doing a CSS pass over the site on Tue or Wed.

- Minimal version targeting towards IE6/Win will be performed. Main focus will be IE7/8. Metric show that IE6/Win has ~5% of browser audience @ RS and dropping. Chrome, by comparison, has a larger share. IE in Mac is basically invisible and will not be targeted.

- You can sign in, but you can't really do much. Need to work on the new user pages, password retrival, and others. No current ETA, but it's pretty quick.

- The top navigation bar is really funky. And slow. Going to redesign this soon.
Edited Jun 14 at 7:01 PM
Plastic Future
Jun 14 at 3:51 PM
I'm really digging the overall rough design. Nice colors! It's updated, but keeps a hint of the RS orange. Good stuff. Love the updated menus and the look of the gallery browser.

I assume the gallery options are going to expand? I enjoy the look of the big, bright imgs in the gallery "popular" listing, but I guess when I clicked on "alphabetical" and "by letter" I thought I would get text listings of all the available shows, not popular-only, or gallery names. If I was browsing, I would definitely go for a full show listing, and the "era grouping" method some others had mentioned. Maybe also a way to designate how many returns per page are shown?

I dunno how others feel about it, but I think the auto-hide on the text under the gallery listings is unnecessary. It moves the design around and I would want to read it at a glance anyway. It's not a huge problem, though.

Is there a way for you to Print Scrn and paste the way the design looks for you so we can see where the variations might be in our set-ups? Or else of course. :)
Mirana's Production Art Gallery
Jun 14 at 5:16 PM
Thanks for the feedback!

We definitely want to make spreads that look inviting and attractive without needing to know necessarily what they do. They should be functional without looking like spreadsheets or novels at first glance.

More gallery sorting options: The trouble with showing "every series ever listed in RS" (which I'm assuming is what you're asking) is that people name things all kinds of crazy names. The "alphabetical tag" listing right now makes some educated guesses by making close-enough matches to series titles in people's galleries. If I listed all the unique series names in the RS database, including misspellings and everything else, it would be something like 30,000 titles... many of which are empty, misspelled, or otherwise provide a negative experience for the end user.

Should we have more sorting options? Yeah, most def. *But* these need to be balanced out with only picking things that a good slice of "average" end users would want to click on. Too many buttons is confusing.

Era grouping, other meta sort methods: These require that shows be tagged with appropriate metadata. It's a brute force problem, and I'm spread thin right now. I may make a tool that lets you all do this. Possibly not a stage 1 wishlist item, we'll see.

Finally, I'm also undecided how much I want to do the auto-hide thing that you mentioned. I have the exact same reservations about it... it moves everything around and it's somewhat unexpected. On the plus side, no text when you hide it all. More art per square inch of screen space. Text is our enemy.
Plastic Future
Jun 14 at 5:56 PM
Gallery search question- will it bring up the galleries if they are not spelled as you have them listed...
example- clicking on the popular picture listing-

Fushigi Yugi- vs Fushigi Yuugi
Card captor sakura vs CCS vs cardcaptor sakura ?

I love the gallery search look, really colorful to look at...makes me want to use it
Kathpatty's Cels
Jun 14 at 7:15 PM
Yeah, it finds close matches but I have to program the matches myself. I'll probably make the raw matches available for everyone to look at somewhere so people can help me modify them.

For instance, the Cardcaptor Sakura section currently returns any gallery which contains a series that has either "card captor" or "cardcaptor" somewhere in the title. It may match "CCS" too, not sure if I programmed that.

Thankfully, I've seen 80-90% of these shows so I have a decent intuition about how/when they are shortened but I can always use extra help. :)
Plastic Future
Jun 14 at 8:07 PM
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