Welcome to the Rubberslug Beta

Howdy. Thanks for helping me test the new version of Rubberslug. It's very rough right now, but getting better daily. Some of the pages are still direct copies of the old site. All pages are eventually intended to be redesigned and reviewed for content.

The scope of this stage of the test includes public-facing pages on the www.rubberslug.com domain. Member galleries and member control panels are not included in this test.

Beta should last about 1-2 weeks. Not too much is sacred at this point, so feel free to be as critical as necessary about anything you feel strongly about.

This private forum is designed to facilitate bug reports and feature suggestions. Please report any bugs as accurately as you can with the following information:

URL of offending page
Your browser/version/OS
As good a description of possible of what you were doing or steps to reproduce.

Please do not post or distribute your login credentials. It's critical that we are able to control access to this as the beta will likely include unstable and/or lightly tested code that is not ready for release.

I will assemble a list of known issues by EOD today to limit reports of things that broken atm.

Other than that, have fun! Thanks for helping build the future of Rubberslug!

Plastic Future
Jun 14 at 3:01 PM
This message is showing up in a forum section which is invisible to me (Home > Forum > Rubberslug V3 Beta, the same link you sent out, bumps me to the regular Forum page), but the initial message comes up in the latest posts screen. So, messages in this forum seem to be leaking to everyone who looks at "latest posts" but the forum itself is invisible to people it should be visible to...
(edit: both issues appear to be fixed immediately after posting)
Edited Jun 14 at 4:47 PM
Ted's Animation Gallery
Jun 14 at 4:46 PM
Yeah, making this forum was quick and hacky. Better than keeping track of a stack of e-mails. Sorry about that. We're not talking about anything terribly confidential here, I just want to keep it out of the hands of a search engine. :)

Welcome aboard!
Plastic Future
Jun 14 at 5:23 PM
when i first came to the rs beata sitemy virus rootkit thing went off
Tori's Cels
Jun 14 at 6:26 PM
Not sure what that is. It should be fine to access. Probably a false positive (meaning, it's alarming when it shouldn't).
Plastic Future
Jun 14 at 7:57 PM
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