taking offers temporarily

Hello again everyone.

In pursuit of my one ultimate cel, I will temporarily listen to offers for the cels in my website: www.gundamcrono.com

(scroll all the way down to cel collection)

Send me a message with your best offers.

If you think too low, it will probably be a no.

I will only listen to offers during this time period. I don't know when the ultimate cel will show up for sale, but once it does and, if I am able to get it, my cels will remain locked again in the vault.

Oh, I will update the site soon. Some cels shown are already gone (like the rurouni kenshin, miyuki-chan in wonderland, and some other ones).
Zack's Cel Gallery
Sep 13 at 1:38 AM
Oh, I forgot to mention.

My rubberslug gallery hasn't been updated for a long time, so you won't see everything there.

All my cels are in my website, so go there to see them all:


Zack's Cel Gallery
Sep 13 at 1:40 AM

Unfortunately I'm unable to access your site. From what i read on Gold Knights cel gallery, I think you have a few Bleach genga that you bought from her awhile ago. I'm for sure interested in those!

my email is bmancs18@yahoo.com
Dec 27 at 8:42 PM
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