Hanken cels

Heh - well, its definately an awkward way of phrasing it. If it was me selling, I'd drop that "original" as it is kind of confusing.

As far as the copyright goes - I'm not a copyright lawyer, but I believe it is the image that is copyrighted, not the physical thing. So if the hanken was used to make posters, that poster image is still under copyright. I think. ;)
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Jun 13 at 4:00 PM
Hiya guys,
Maybe I can help a little bit.
I have three kinds of hankens for you to look at in my gallery and the word Official is used on all of them.

The first one is:This one is a Printed silk screen like copy of a original hankens, "Official repro cels" and sold as such a few years back by Cellu Club.

second one is:This one is a "Official Hand Painted Repro Cels" of hankens that were used for cover items" as sold by the Cellu Club a few years back in limited numbers, And were hand painted just like the Hanken it comes from

third one is:This is one used as Hankens on the covers of VHS tapes and pencil boards and posters,These are the real deal I have the covers they were used on.

hankens as a rule are somewhat bigger(monolithic) in size than normal because they shrink them down to the size they need and this makes the drawing more detailed, As the bigger lines are now smaller and closer together and this makes the covers look way more detailed than they are.
Hankens are for the most part one off items but can be used on many things at one time and with many backgrounds.
Yes there are Hankens made of paper I have seen many of them from some of the CG colored shows and can be quite detailed in pencil.
Hanken art may be on the way out as many studios are now going full CG so all the art is on computer and no paper is used,What a loss!
I hope these examples help out some!

Jun 13 at 7:55 PM
I dont see why Hanken are so expensive.

The point of cel collecting is to own a part of the animation we love.

Hanken is basically promotion arts, which doesnt relate to the animation itself really.

Hanken collectors are basically paying a large amount on a piece of painting we may describe as.

Is Hanken one of a kind too? Or is it like repro theres 5 in production of each scene cels.
Jun 18 at 3:25 PM
I agree with Luna. While some of the Hakens look very nice, I would never drop two to three thousand dollars for a piece, especially if it was never used in production. That is why I don't collect repro's and fan cels, I like to have the cels that were used IN the actual Anime.
I do have one Hanken but I got it at a VERY low price (lower than quite a few of my REAL cels) and I was curious about the "hype". They are nice and all but nothing beats actual production material ^_^
Jun 18 at 8:22 PM
I guess it truly is up to the person.

Most real Hanken's that were made specifically for a magazine cover or article , artbook or a item such as a poster , wall screen or pencil board are normally of a higher quality than production cels. They are also normally produced by the main artist / character designer for the show , larger and much more detailed.

It's somewhat like on a comic book , cover artwork commands much higher prices than the pages of the book. Hanken cels due to being a one off item unlike production cels that can have mutiple slightly different cels of the same scene also command higher prices.

Now as to this thread , there is a big difference between a True Hanken and a limited edition reproduction cel of the size of a Hanken cel. Any time you make more than one it delutes the value but still it depends on how much you place on owning 1 of the 300 made worldwide. Lithographs of simular size runs do command decent to very high prices depending on the artist.

There are a group of collectors that prefer spending money on True Hanken cels. That's their choice. Others don't and that's ok too. The large diversity of the collections one can find here on Rubberslug is what we are all about.
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Jun 18 at 8:49 PM
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