manual series deletion request thread

I'm a bit of a ditz in that I just noticed this today, but thanks for fixing my gallery, Jason! ^_^
klet's Island of Misfit Cels
Apr 16 at 11:26 PM
I was breaking up one of my larger sections into smaller chunks, and I somehow ended up with one of these sections again.

Could you please delete the section that says, "Delete Me! ^_^"? Thanks!
klet's Island of Misfit Cels
Aug 10 at 4:06 PM
*points and laughs because I'm evil*
Aernath's Heartthrobs
Aug 11 at 7:54 AM


Seriously, though, is there something I'm doing to create these "phantom cels"? Before, my internet connection died in the middle of uploading something, so I understand how a phantom cel got created, but this time I don't remember doing anything to make this happen. >_<
klet's Island of Misfit Cels
Aug 13 at 4:10 AM
Any chance of deleting the Photo Album entirely or at least deactivating it from the Gallery Contents?
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