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Did I ever mentioned, that ...
last modified: Monday, May 29, 2006 (5:13:04 PM)
Hey yo @ll ... (^_^)/ ...

... I hate the german customs office??? ... the package with the 8 Zetsuai Cels from the Yahoo auctions was held from the customs office once again, but I'm such a lucky girl, so that I did not have to pay any taxes ... *does the happy bunny happy dance* ...
so I do not hate them very much, but the shock, that the package did not arrive directly costs me some years of my life, like the one hour drive with my car across the city with the precious goods ... (O.o) ... but now they are saved!!! ... (^_~) ...

it took the whole weekend and the monday to scan everything, but finally they are all in the Gallery:
2 Zetsuai BG
8 Zetsuai Cels
3 Zetsuai Douga
2 Zetsuai Genga

the maybe biggest update I will ever have ... (can't imagine that something similar will ever happen again) ... except from the 3 Zetsuai Cels which will come soon too ...

re: Did I ever mentioned, that ...Monday, May 29, 2006 - 8:46:04 PM

Hee, hee ... I''m just spamming you all over the place here. But, I can''t help it. I am so excited and happy for you to add 8 new Zetsuai cels!! WOW!!! That is sooo COOL! Congrats again! *hugs*

re: Did I ever mentioned, that ...Monday, May 29, 2006 - 9:55:33 PM

yay! good think you didnt have to pay taxes and lucky that they''re safe!!! How do you find all these zetsuai cels?



no taxes????Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - 1:36:44 AM

Wow! How ever did you manage to not pay the taxes? I''m sure if you had to, that would have been a LOT of money! O_O
So, GOOD for you that you didn''t have to pay!!!

And WOW!!! GREAT update, and you''re right, what are the chances you''ll ever get another chance to grab so many at one time?
And the cels are gorgeous! And the douga! And the genga! Great set!
*joins you in the happy bunny happy dance*

re: Did I ever mentioned, that ...Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - 5:49:28 AM

thank you thank you thank you tex-chan ... (^___^) ... *big hug* ...

yeah that was really luck purple-plum ... finding Zetsuai Cels has also a lot to do with having luck ... this were the first Yahoo auctions I''ve ever seen for Zetsuai Cels since I''m collecting ... before that I "only" could get 2 Bronze Cels from Yahoo and 3 Cels were on eBay ... but all the others are from very nice collectors who gave me the chance to buy them ...
actually it''s all about having luck (and having money of course) ... *lol* ... (^_~) ...

I have no idea how I managed it not to pay taxes Leah ... you''re right, if I had to it would have been my ruin, but it seems that I have a very big streak of good luck in the last months ... *keep the fingers crossed that it will last even longer* ... (^_~) ...
thank you very very much Leah ... (^__^) ... ...

btw: now I have from minute 14 until minute 31 nearly every minute one Cel from the Zetsuai OVA ... that''s so great!!! ... maybe my biggest dream to get a Cel of every scene will come true one day ... *LOOOOOOL* ...