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Completely forgot A-kon was this weekend. O_O Sheer coincidence informed us that it was, indeed, that time of year again. It's as predictable as the tide, but we just freakin' forgot! >_< Ugh. Wouldn't be the first time we forgot a con. =B Der.

We stood in line for a couple hours to pick up our early registration badges. Why don't they just mail the damn badges? I'd pay a fee for that convenience. Cons are always a smelly affair, but at least you can roam freely throughout the dealer's room, or where ever. But the pre-reg line AL-WAYS blows. Bunch of excited otakus coughing without covering their mouths, getting uncomfortably close to any available breast, overlapping personal space issues and the utter lack of deodorant. Yes, we can tell you've attended the entire con without showering. T_T Not cool.

On the flip side, lots of neato things to scope out, cel books to flip through and pics to take. EEE! ^_^

Can you imagine the utter devastation come Monday morning if we had forgotten to go? ^^; Let's not think about that screwy alternate universe and be grateful.
re: A-kon: HOLY CRAP!Friday, May 30, 2008 - 9:39:55 AM

I hope you have a fun Con.
I think we can all blame 9-11-2001 for extra security of picking up the badges in person and being required to show ID to prove your idenity.

re: A-kon: HOLY CRAP!Friday, May 30, 2008 - 11:39:22 AM

Hmmm...available breasts?! Sounds like a fun con. ^_- You''re welcome to buy me something. =p Have fun!

re: A-kon: HOLY CRAP!Friday, May 30, 2008 - 3:19:39 PM

Why was the pre-reg line longer than the on site registration?!?! I got there at 7am today and was so upset ;_; I ended up helping a dealer so they escorted me to the front of the line to get my badge and then I went to help. LOL I only decided to help them set up so I could already be in the dealers room when it opened >_> I am already home from the con.. so much stuff I couldnt afford. It was worth going though ^__^ (the smelly people are too much for me...) really.

re: A-kon: HOLY CRAP!Friday, May 30, 2008 - 7:32:35 PM

I''m sad. This is the first time in 3 years I''ve missed A-Kon. Y''all have fun without me. Take lots of pics and tell lots of stories.

re: A-kon: HOLY CRAP!Friday, May 30, 2008 - 9:29:18 PM

Joe, sadly, every year since it''s inception A-kon has had the exact same protocol. Picking up your badges Thursday night is always a painfully slow torture that could easily be avoided. If they would just start the process prior to 5/6pm it might help move things along. ;_;

Mar! ^_^ You know never know when a breast will become available. Just gotta keep those eyes peeled. :P

Lain, which dealer were you working for/with? I recognized all of the usual suspects again this year. Surprisingly, I went in looking for nothing and found several somethings. Forgot to even look at the cels, oopsie. O_o But there''s always tomorrow...

duo, that stinks. What happened? Ya know, I brought my cameras to take pictures but A-kon has really grown into a frenzy. Everyone seems so focused and rushed, I didn''t bother asking anyone to pose for pics this time. Anime Fest was easier to manage because it''s much smaller and much more laid back. A-kon has become somewhat aggressive.

To anyone who attended, did anyone notice the guy who was lying face down in the dealer''s room right when it closed today? There were several people standing around him and he wasn''t moving. Eventually some stranger rolled him over and checked if he was even breathing. Senor and I didn''t react much because we assumed he had friends with him, but in reality, no one knew him or what was wrong with him. Eventually the on-site medic type people came in, one carrying a slice of pizza and in mid-bite. It almost amusing if there wasn''t a comatose guy on the floor. It was kind of disturbing, I felt terrible for him. Probably going down as that guy''s single worse convention experience ever. Bummer. =\