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I'm still recovering from their Sunday show. ^___^ Oh man. To my recollection, it's the best damn concert I've been to. Hearing some of the old stuff was just so.... invigorating and sensual. It was otherworldly. I even called in sick to work on Monday (naughty, naughty!) =^-_-^= I doubt my students would want to deal with me the next day anyway ;)

A five foot tall jerk-off stood up on his seat in front of us and fell backwards. Anyone would assume this was an ill omen but he persisted to stand on his chair. Eventually he obstructed Senor's view and I spoke up. I pointed out that no one else was standing on their seats and he basically had two choices: 1) get down of his own free will, or 2) I could help him get down if he was somehow confused on how to descend safely. He reluctantly got down on his own. He exited half way through the show and never returned. I can only assume my online degree in Telekinesis and Mental Suggestion is, in fact, legit and the guy committed suicide in the parking lot. Go me!

I'm glad I didn't have to go to the Woodlands this time to see Radiohead. Mmmmm. Ecstasy.
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I''ve been to many of their shows and they are one of those bands that does not disappoint. Their stage show is just like their album with the exception of the odd remix. Glad you liked the show.

re: Radiohead.Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - 10:59:45 PM

You lucky ducky. =) It was a boon to have them visit Dallas. I really am quite lazy with the traveling and whatnot. Here''s the setlist:

All I Need
There There
15 Step
Bangers and Mash
Pyramid Song
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The National Anthem
Dollars and Cents
Faust Arp
A Wolf At The Door
Everything In Its Right Place

1st Encore

Fake Plastic Trees
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
House of Cards
Exit Music (For A Film)
The Bends

2nd Encore

You and Whose Army?
Paranoid Android