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Well, we managed not to buy any cels at this year's AnimeFest, but we did enjoy taking lots of pictures of the elaborate cosplayers. Some more humorous than others, a few freaky, a couple sexy and some you just don't know what the person was thinking... O_o

Check out the pics here:

AnimeFest is always an enjoyable experience because of its laid back atmosphere. There's less hustle and bustle and more casual fun to be had. I'm glad to see it grow in size every year because it's a nice con.

In non-anime related news, the new job is going great. It feels satisfying when you start to really get the hang of what your responsibilities are at any job, especially when you know that doing your best truly matters. I guess I should call it my "career" now. Sounds more appropriate and grown-up. Meh, whatever. ^_^

Oh and I can't wait for tomorrow! Paid holiday! *does a little dance* Maybe I'll upload some new cels to the gallery.

Anyone else played Bioshock yet? I've wasted so much time on that game, what with the multiple endings and various achievements to unlock. It's without a doubt my favorite game in a very long time because of its pitch perfect writing and endless style. Need to start Metroid Prime 3 and Condemned soon too.

I also want to do a quick shout out to Caroline at the Unicorn Gallery (http://unicorngallery.rubberslug.com/) for being such a sweetheart. She took the time to email me about a few auctions she thought I would be interested in. I certainly was very interested and managed to snag a few new cels, all thanks to her. I couldn't be more thrilled because they are some very rare pieces of art and I never ever would have known if she had not told me. Caroline, you're a real treasure. Thank you so much! *glomps*

Ok, time to veg. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. =)
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Belate congrats on the new job and chopping you hair. I totally understand about the long hair bit. ^_^ And congrats on curbing the cel munchies too. Whee... a paid holiday!! *dances off to enjoy it**

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I swear that Jack sparrow cosplayer goes to every convention in this area wearing that outfit! LOL What day did you go to Afest on? I went Friday morning/afternoon. I was out of there by 1pm. I parked far far away and I am retarded when it comes to judging distance in a downtown area ~_~ HAHA The dealers room was very diverse this year. I should have gone back on Saturday... ah well. :D