The Sound of Silence?
last modified: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 (7:15:56 PM)
Some of you may know, but I'll give some quick back story anyway. My neighbor and his family are evil people. Actually, evil is a crippling understatement. But I won't be profane and quickly move along with my story. They've abandoned their property and leave at least one dog for "protection." They don't bother to maintain the property and don't visit to feed/water the dogs. One of our very own dogs, Chispa, was a puppy we rescued from them about two-three years ago.

Well, the latest dog they've abandoned is actually Chispa's mother, a rottweiler. I kept calling and emailing the city to get something done but nothing happened. I was beginning to lose hope. Then one day, there was no begging-bark. You see, I used to make the mistake of feeding the neighbor dog, so it wouldn't die. But it fattened up, so the city refused to do anything because abuse couldn't be proven. So, when it's meal time for my dogs, the neighbor dog would unleash this almost human howl/beg/bark type sound for food.

But lately, there's been no barking. I did see code compliance and city vehicles snooping around my neighbor's property. I can only hope that the city somehow seized the dog and rescued it. She was somewhat bony and covered in noticeable sores. I don't know for a fact what happened. I've looked for a corpse but I couldn't find one, didn't smell one.

*sigh* This is not exactly the best news, but I'm slightly relieved. The dog, where ever she may be, is in a better place. I love animals very much and feel a great deal of guilt for the situation going on next door. "I could have done more..." The real failure is the city and local humane society. I pointed them in the right direction many times but nothing was done. This does not ease my guilt in the least, tho.

So, please, treat your pets right. Spay and neuter your animals, don't have copious puppies and kittens if you honestly cannot care for them yourself. You don't know what others might do if they adopt or buy a pet from you. Play it safe and prevent your animal from breeding uncontrollably. Also, if you feel you can no longer care for your pet, try to find a loving replacement home or shelter. Don't just set them free and let them wander the dangerous streets.

Didn't mean to be a bummer, but I had to release some steam.

On a more positive note, the WC site has been revamped and is now live. Check it out if you want to kill some time. ^_^ http://www.welcomeconsumer.com
re: The Sound of Silence?Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - 8:50:36 PM

Maybe it all came out for the best - and thanks for the awesome advice. :) I can proudly say all 4 of my cats are spayed/neutered. :)

PS - I saw the 300 tonight. That has to be the best movie I have ever seen. Every single frame was a work of art. :) You were totally right.

re: The Sound of Silence?Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - 9:50:18 PM

Toni. I think you put it very well. Sadly the area I am currently living in is full of pet owners that just really don''t care for their pets well. It''s a country area with lots of low income people. Most animals I see have poorly groomed coats, no collars. running around freely, and most are not spayed or neutered. Sadly most animals here become abused, neglected, are killed on the roads, and even shot when no longer wanted.

re: The Sound of Silence?Wednesday, March 14, 2007 - 3:31:12 AM

What a story ... (O.o) ... I really can''t understand people buying pets and let them rot, when they have enough of them ... in Germany I hear such stories nearly everday ... of people buying a sweet little puppy and set them free or bring them to the animal shelter after they grown up and aren''t sweet little pubbies anymore ... or because they have children now and no need anylonger for a pet ... or because the pet got old or ill or something else ... (-.-) ...

there shouldn''t only be things like driver''s license but also pet''s license ...

*some big hugs for your encouragement* ... (^_^) ...

and hey: the new WC page is awesome!!! ... (^___^) ...


re: The Sound of Silence?Wednesday, March 14, 2007 - 12:02:33 PM

Nikki, glad to hear you enjoyed the movie! I sure did as well. =) And kudos for taking wonderful care of your pets.

Kris, that''s a great example of the problem we''re having in society right now with pets. Lower-middle class people are obsessed with getting pets but not taking care of them. They often roam without a leash and are eventually neglected. I''m sick of seeing pitbulls attacking and killing people/animals. It''s a sad state of affairs.

Thanks for the site comments Sajora <3 You''re such a sweetheart. And you are so right, there should be a pet license. People who do not value the life of animal certainly cannot value the life of a human. There''s obviously something emotionally wrong with them. There''s a proven link between animal abuse crossing over into human abuse, torture and murder. Very alarming.

re: The Sound of Silence?Thursday, March 15, 2007 - 8:00:14 PM

We got ywo of the cats we have in a similar manner. The neighbor''s children threw them out the second story window one day and the kittens were left outside to rot we left the kittens outside for a day or so before taking them in. Our neighbors were forceably evicted perhaps a week later and never made any attempt to contact us about their cats. I don''t understand how people can treat their animals that way. It confuses, angers and saddens me.