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I've been eating chocolate everyday since Valentine's Day because I received a few too many boxes of it this year. *_* Horrible problem, I know. ^^

Managed to update with a new cel: Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. The original painted background is really nice but Tux obscures most of it. I probably should've scanned it separately... oops.

Can't f-ing waaaait to see 300. I think everyone feels that way. But man-oh-man, I haven't felt this giddy over seeing a movie in a while. 300 is exactly what Troy should've been, which was pure crap for those who didn't see it.

Major changes are taking place at WC. The format and purpose have been tweaked to suit our respective goals. The site will continue to feature our webcomic and reviews, but now we're a blog/news site as well. No new content has been added just yet, we've only transported some of the older stuff for now. We're pretty excited about the new direction for WC. I'll post more about all this later.

Lately, we've taken a liking to the original Star Trek TV series. The remastered colors and new special effects make the show more compelling. It's kind of crazy how saturated the colors are, I love the retro hair styles too. William Shatner has an odd appeal and charm as well. It's goofy sometimes, but so entertaining. A sci-fi show, all about one bachelor cruising across the galaxy gettin' tail. Cool!

The news is bombarding me with images of these little kids being encouraged/forced to smoke pot by their relatives (uncle and some other asshole). This footage is sickening. I understand the need to inform us about this kind of child abuse and I appreciate the efforts on the part of law enforcement to step in and remove these kids from such a dysfunctional environment. But it still inspires a great deal of rage and disgust in me every time I see the footage. How anyone could do such a thing is beyond logic. I hope something terrible is done to those guys.

I reported a person in my neighborhood for allowing his/her dog to roam around. The property is not fenced and the dog is not kept on a restraint of any kind. So, every night, he bolts around and antagonizes the pets behind fences. Texas has a very strict leash law, I hope they bother to enforce it in this case. The dog could easily be hit by a car or worse. In fact, the law states that if I hit the dog, I could civilly sue the owner for damage done to my car. I wouldn't be culpable. I've told my husband many times that I am going to kidnap that dog if he continues to roam free. He's an adorable collie mix, very short and fluffy. I like him a lot, which is why I'm going through the efforts to report the irresponsible owner.

Looking forward to St Patrick's Day. Besides my birthday, it's my all time favorite holiday. There's no gift giving or stuffy dinners with family. You get to wear green and be drunk at work. Then after work, you get to hit the bars on a pub crawl and choke down green beer. What could be finer?
re: Chocolate.Monday, March 05, 2007 - 10:14:45 AM

I...I liked Troy...


re: Chocolate.Monday, March 05, 2007 - 10:49:49 AM

hmmmmmm...............chocolate!! *_* Erm...... I liked Troy as well. >_<

re: Chocolate.Monday, March 05, 2007 - 9:07:45 PM

Really? Wow. First two I''ve ever met who did. It was so... boring. They wrote out all of the gods, what''s the fun in that?

re: Chocolate.Tuesday, March 06, 2007 - 1:52:18 PM

Hmmm ... I didn''t see Troy. But, I like chocolate. :D *hugs*

re: Chocolate.Tuesday, March 06, 2007 - 7:27:18 PM

LOL, thanks Tex <3