New idea for Zenbu 34 and BWA 17.
last modified: Thursday, January 25, 2007 (2:11:40 PM)
Here is the original post on Beta:

Zetsuai came up with a very good idea that she has successfully implemented in the past with some German collectors and now she'd like to do it with Beta as well.

A few Beta members receive the Mandarake Zenbu in the mail, which provides a glimpse in advance of what will be for auction in the upcoming Big Web Auction for that time of year. Since most of us don't get the Zenbu, we resort to pleading for scans from these lucky people.

Zetsuai's idea is to get a group of people who are interested in seeing EVERYTHING, all 300+ pages, in the Zenbu to donate money to her for the price of the Zenbu and she will scan every single page, upload it as a .PDF file and allow those who paid to have the URL to this file. The Zenbu only costs $30, so if 30 people wanted to participate, that's just $1 per person! Very reasonable. Money would be sent via PayPal and Zetsuai has two accounts, one for credit card payments and the other for non-credit card payments. This will cut down on fees.

Here is a link to a previous zenbu Zetsuai has scanned:

Sendspace is free and does not require registration. The file was originally hosted on a site that required visitors to register, but we changed that so it would be more convenient for Beta members to access the file.

The benefit of seeing everything in the Zenbu is that several of us collect more than just cels. Original art, for example, can cost much more than production cels, so knowing what's available in advance would allow potential bidders to save up funds for their dream items. Also, looking at the last BWA thread, dozens of posts were questions from people wanting to know what series were included. This way, there would be no need to ask. We could see for ourselves what will be for sale. :)

The next BWA will probably be in March/April, so we do have some time. We started this thread early to get feedback, ideas and to start the list of people who are interested in participating. The cost per person will be determined after we know how many people are interested in this idea.

Please feel free to ask questions, suggest ideas or post general feedback. We'd love to know what you guys think.
re: New idea for Zenbu 34 and BWA 17.Thursday, January 25, 2007 - 9:13:01 PM

I think that''s a wonderful idea. Count me in!! Now I need to go find that thread and post that I am interested.

Thanks for letting us know Toni :D

re: New idea for Zenbu 34 and BWA 17.Thursday, January 25, 2007 - 11:53:18 PM

I''m glad you''re interested :D More people = lower cost for us all!

re: New idea for Zenbu 34 and BWA 17.Friday, January 26, 2007 - 7:46:21 AM

*raises hand* me too, me too. I hate asking for scans on beta. It would be easier to pay the $1 and have access to it all. I''d be in.

re: New idea for Zenbu 34 and BWA 17.Friday, January 26, 2007 - 9:20:09 AM

How great ^_^ I''ll add your name to the list of interested parties.